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Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Consigli Zuava Knife review No. 2 - A Finely Crafted Pocket Knife from Northern Italy's Capital of Knife Making

My contention is that a gentleman should always carry a pocket knife.  The ways that these most ingenious of tools can be used throughout one's day are innumerable.  From opening mail and packages to cutting food for lunch.  I find that I'm reaching for this handy tool on a nearly daily basis and almost always regret it on the few days that I neglect to slip one into my pocket.  Now some guys go for very small pen knives, but while I choose to carry pocket knives that are a bit more substantial, as a gentleman, I still insist on elegance.  Nothing that looks like it should be carried by black ops commandos - no, I want my knife to be finely crafted,  and from elegant materials. I prefer to carry my pocket knives in one of my custom made leather pouches that both offer better comfort in the pocket and also protect my trouser pocket from wear or damage from the knife edges.  The pocket pouch you see here was made by me from Ebony Alligator with cream which stitching and is lined with ivory colored eel skin, which matches the black and white buffalo horn handle scales.

My Zuava in stainless steel with a buffalo horn handle checks all these boxes very nicely.  Made by Consigli Coltellerie in Scarperia, Italy, (located just north of Florence) it's a very traditional designed spring back knife made by one of the most respected companies, from the most storied towns of Italian Knifemaking (Scarperia being famous for their cutlery since the middle ages).  This picturesque Northern Italian medieval village (founded in 1306) is worthy of a visit even if you're not interested in knives.  I can't believe I've not stopped on my previous visits to the area - an oversight fully I intend to remedy on my next visit Florence.

While the blade on this knife at 8.5cm is shorter than some in my collection, it is quite stout.  Taken together with the handle scales being lined with stainless steel and the large stainless steel bolsters, this knife, while compact (at 19cm overall), has just the right amount of heft and a feeling of durability and quality in the hand.  Small, well balanced and razor sharp, this is one of the few knives that I felt was sharpened to my satisfaction right out of the box.  While Consigli doesn't have an online shop on their website, if you would like your own version, you can purchase one here.

I just love the beautifully polished black and White pattered buffalo horn handle scales!

Sharp enough to cut even the most aged prosciutto!

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