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Friday, December 28, 2018

Newly Arrived: Dougal Harris Tweed Jacket by Harris Tweed Scotland


I'm nothing if not a believer in self-gifting, especially during the holidays.  Of course, I also believe in self-gifting throughout the year, but that's a story for another post.  I had discovered this great 'Dougal' Harris Tweed limited edition jacket from Harris Tweed Scotland a little more than a year ago but had been hesitant to add it to my wardrobe because honestly, I've got so many Harris Tweed Jackets, it's becoming increasingly difficult to justify adding one more to my wife (thank god she loves and is patient with me).  This jacket as I mentioned was a limited edition issue from Harris Tweed Scotland, but back from 2012, so very few of these jackets are still available, and I was able to locate them for sale new from the fine people at Parkins School and menswear (UK based) who still have a limited supply of sizes available.  I have also seen them in limited sized at the Fine Swine (US based)

In any case, I had been looking to add a Prince of Wales Tweed in brown to my jacket collection for a while and so this 'Dougal' is an answer to my prayers.  Of course, being Harris Tweed and a limited edition jacket, just makes doubly irresistible.  Featuring suede elbow patches, slanted pockets, 2 side vents, leather buttons, and the black ‘Centenary Label’and a beautiful crimson/burgundy lining.

This like every Harris Tweed Jacket I've owned is a quality build and in this case the tailoring is very nice as well with better than usual pattern matching on the seams.  Case in point the center back seam is spot on:

The Close-ups:
Provided for my own enjoyment and for that of my tweed obsessed brethren: The pattern of the Dougal jacket contains burgundy, orange, beige and brown which creates a classic check plus the addition to a bit of extremely subtle green and yellow just to add a bit of subversiveness). This Harris Tweed is one of their 'lightweight' weave (630gm per meter) which apparently is 20% lighter than the 'Normal' weight Harris Tweed, but I must say even the 'lightweight' feels very substantial to me.

I only received the jacket today and so have had a limited opportunity to build outfits around it but no doubt, that will become a wonderful addition to my wardrobe and I'm looking forward to experimenting with color and pattern matching this new addition. For today I've combined it with a paint blue Oxford cloth shirt, Cream White Aran Sweater, Selvage Denim from Bravestar, Brown Ryan boots by Grenson.  

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