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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Fair Isle slipover from Jamison's of Shetland

I must say I've been eye some new Fair Isle knitwear for some time now and have only just recently pulled the trigger, mostly because with so many possible colors and patterns quite frankly I've been unable to come to a decision!  Anyway, one night after browsing the internet, and having a couple of
Laphroaig 10s to bolster my resolve, I ordered this great looking Fair Isle slipover by Jamieson's of Shetland and it's having arrived, I couldn't be happier.

I made my purchase from Dick's Edinburgh, who typically stocks a very fine collection of traditional country clothing and including the aforementioned Jamieson's, I couldn't be happier with their fast and efficient service.  

I chose the color/pattern named 'Fawn' (They also offer this color/pattern in a jumper), which offers really wonderful dark Grays, Natural Browns, Mustard, Green, Blues, Purple and Burgundy color pallet.  Typically, I find myself attracted to the brighter/bolder Fair Isle colors/pattern combinations, but these deeper (almost brooding) colors really spoke to me on that evening (perhaps the smoky whisky's effect) and quite honestly, still speak to me now.  It's got the same depth of color that I love about Harris Tweed.  I have to imagine that it's really got to be a reflection of the depth of beauty of both the Scottish landscape and Scottish character itself.  

 I think it is both bold and subtle with all the colors of fall that I love an will match the bulk of my burgeoning Harris Tweed jacket collection, so there you go.

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