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Monday, February 12, 2018

Review: Duffle Coat from John Partridge Co.

I purchased this coat at the same time that I purchased the Brown Tweed Lowland shooter jacket from John Partridge Co., and have to say I'm just as impressed.  Everything about this coat is an absolute home-run.  Starting with the very soft heavy dark Camel wool the has been double faced with a nice beige tartan on the inside which functions as a lining and provides incredible warmth to the genuine Horn tip toggles buttons (which I prefer to the wooden dowel toggles), the large flap patch pockets and the pancake hood, this coat is the genuine expression of the classic made famous by General Montgomery back in WWII.  Originally commisioned by the British Royal Navy, and also often used by crew members of merchant marine ships, which traveled in convoy for protection, they have also become know as 'Convoy Coats' You can find a really great history of the Duffle Coat on the Gentleman's Gazette and on the Grey Fox Blog.

The Duffle or 'Convoy' coat was also featured extensively in Hollywood movies, which only added to their civilian appeal, what man wouldn't want a little of the manly air of a Trevor Howard, David Niven or Gregory Peck:

Trevor Howard in spy thriller 'The Third Man'

Gregory Peck and David Niven in war time epic 'Guns of the Navarone'

A bit of the thunder has unfortunately been stolen from this post due to the fact that these coats are sold out on the John Partridge Co. website, their ladies version is still available.  I purchased the XXL version because I wanted to be able to layer mine over a thick sweater and I was pleasantly surprised that this fit was about ideal for this purpose.

It's plenty warm even when worn open, but when the wind kicks up and the snow really starts to fall, the overlapping front, easy operation horn toggles (don't need to remove your glove to operate) and close-fitting hood with extra neck latch, is when this coat really comes into its own.  The connection points for the toggles are triple reinforced proving this coat is built to last and ready to be pressed into war service should ever the need arise.

Cozy warm double-sided wool with one large internal pocket and triple reinforcements for the toggle connection points:

There is plenty of winter left so it's too bad that the men's versions are all sold out on the John Partridge Co. website, of course, you can always shop very similar coats at Gloverall (at 2 times the price) and on the 'Original Duffle Coat' website.  Or just wait for John Partridge to re-stock next fall.

Love the genuine steer horn toggles - much looker than the wooden versions:

Hood includes internal tabs to tighten against the nastiest of weather:

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