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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Classic Saddle shoes from GH Bass & Co.

Casting about for a great looking summer shoe that incorporates white leather or nubuck, I had been considering White Bucks, Spectators, and these classic Saddle shoes.  And I landed on these beauties from G.H Bass & Co. from their Monogram Collection.  Saddle shoes are not shoes intended to be used for equestrian purposes, but because the center quarter section in contrasting leather (in this case tan), has the shape of a saddle when looking at the shoes for the side.  Offered with Navy or (like these) tan contrasting leather these offer a great an perhaps less common alternative to Spectator shoes (which G.H. Bass & Co Also offers).

The fit of these sizes US 11/UK 10/EU 44 shoes are a bit tight to begin with so I've been wearing them with thin No-See-Um socks and they seemed to loosen up with a bit of wear, but if they were available, I would have preferred to go up a size. 
These look great with Chinos in just about every color and offer a bit more spiff than my deck shoes:


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