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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Green Tweed Hunter jacket by Curzon Classics and Tweed Close-ups

Today's featured tweed is a great looking hunter jacket from Seville based Curzon Classics.  I have had the good fortune to purchase a number of items from Curzon Classics in the past year and while I think they're all great, this is the one Along with the scarf also featured that I find my self most often wearing.  Curzon is having an amazing 45% off sale on all their tweed jackets until Feb 14th, so I strongly recommend heading over to a killer deal on a great tweed.  I'm actually eyeing their Trent jacket using a great checked tweed from the mills of Abraham Moon!

This is a great looking and subtle green tweed, which like all tweeds has a wonderful texture and variations color in the cloth upon closer inspection.  When I bought this jacket I was really looking for the classic half Norfolk look, with bellows patch pockets, action back sleeves and half belt back tailoring.  This jacket ticked all those boxes, one slight surprise was that the action back sleeves are faux and are stitched down for some reason.  No matter, a quick trip to my alterations tailor can fix that problem if I wish.  This jacket has a great fit - lean without being tight, these run small so I bought the size 56 (US size 46) in order to have the room to layer it with a pullover.  The bellows pockets look really great and while I normally prefer a slightly softer shoulder, it's in no way a deal breaker.  I think the jacket overall look rather smart.

Very functional bellows pockets allows for pocketing treasures while on long walks in the countryside:

The Close-ups for my own enjoyment and for that of my tweed obsessed brethren:

Fully lined, which I prefer for tweeds, as it adds a bit more warmth:

Curzon Classics as been making great traditional British style clothing for men since 1990

Bonus feature:
The wonderful check scarf you see in some of the above photos is also from Curzon Classics (they are having a great 20% off sale storewide until Feb. 14th).  While I believe this scarf is sold out, they do have a number of others in stock.  It's super soft lambswool and is long enough to use my preferred double wrap method (nothing worse than a too short scarf).  These are generously proportioned at 10 x 66 inches, not including fringe.  Thankful to have it today, since Winter has made it's return to Bavaria today after many days of relatively balmy weather - Snow!!

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