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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Review: Walker Slater's Edgar Jacket in Charcoal Herringbone Harris Tweed!!

I had had my eye on this herringbone Harris Tweed jacket for about a year before pulling the trigger and I'm so glad finally I did.  This great looking jacket they call the 'Edgar'  from the kind people at Walker Slater is a real looker.  Aside from being made from Harris Tweed (my favorite), it's got all the Half-Norfolk jacket details that I love on a great country walking jacket: expandable patch pockets,  genuine leather buttons, half-belt back details and most important - a great looking and very functional center back box pleat for better range of movement.  Best thing: my wife has complemented me every time I've worn it, which is really saying something, as she's not typically a big fan of my tweeded-up country look;-)

Love expandable pockets!!!

Sizing: This jacket, in spite of its traditional looks, does have a more modern cut, which means it's cut trimmer all around including the arms, so a shirt and a light merino wool sweater works best for layering, on this size 44inch jacket.  In more traditional tailoring, I typically wear a 42R or 52 in Euro sizing, but as I mentioned this jacket is cut trim and true to size, so I ended up returning the size 42R I had originally ordered for a 44R (Kathryn in customer service was very helpful here), which fits me perfectly.  Also, the overall length is a bit shorter than a more old-school traditional sports coat.

Worn here is beautiful black & White Herringbone tweed lambswool scarf from Cardamom clothing:

The build is extremely well executed, with light construction, and just a little padding in the shoulders.  It's half-lined with very tidy finished seams, contrasting striped sleeve lining and red pocket trim. I typically prefer fully lined jackets, but this one has been executed so well, I'm very happy with it.  The sleeves have fully functioning buttons, which I really appreciate - this being a detail I wish all my jackets had.  One note is that the outside patch pockets have been lined, which renders the extra space which would normally be available by the expandable pockets unusable.  Not a problem, as I've carefully removed these pocket linings and the pockets are now fully usable.  My recommendation to Walker Slater would be to skip this detail in future.

Well executed half lining:

Red trimmed inside pocket details:

Walker Slater maker tag means great quality:

Full view back details:

Unique button tab center vent - I love these small details!:

Great center back box pleat for greater range of motion - this really helps!!:

Love the working 'surgeon cuffs':

The Close-ups: 
Provided for my own enjoyment and for that of my tweed obsessed brethren: Charcoal Herringbone:

This is my first product from and experience with Walker Slater and I must say it will certainly not be my last!!

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