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Friday, March 16, 2018

Perfect throw for a cozy couch experience from JM Cooper Knitwear

Spring weather is on the horizon here in Bavaria, with a hint (just a hint) of the threat of warmer weather in our future and the return of birdsong to our garden.  However like most truly 4 season climates, cool and even cold weather will be with us for a while.  On days in which our weather is  (much) less than friendly, a good throw while cuddling (yes real men do cuddle!) on the couch with the Mrs. enjoying 'The Crown' or 'Peaky' on Netflix, and sipping a nice smoky dram will add to one's cozy factor immensely.  In such times the good people at J.M. Cooper knitwear have got you and your loved one covered (literally) with their Aran knit throws.  For the price of a good scarf from many other makers, you can purchase a beautifully knitted Aran style couch throw made from 100% British Wool, which at about 1.6 meters x 1.3 meters (51" x 63") is large enough to keep you and your loved one warm and happy (try doing that with one scarf).

From the JM Cooper eBay Listing:

'J M Cooper Knitwear manufacture a range of Knitted Throws/Blankets, suitable for use where warmth and comfort are required. These Aaran styles are available with a number of colours to choose from. As with all of our products, these are manufactured from 100% pure British wool from sheep roaming the Pennine Hills.

Our range includes natural un-dyed colours, spun using the original colours of the British wool pure breeds. Our newest throw is a pure silk nep which has been developed and added to our range to provide interest and luxury, which can be purchased above.'

Knitted with not so much density as to become stifling - the last thing one needs it to be sweltering.  (Our house does have heating after all).  One just needs a throw to keep off the chill and these Aran knit blankets are perfectly fit for purpose.  Available in several colors to match your decor (I purchased the dark grey), and won't look out of place in any sitting room.  I'm really looking forward to evenings of binge-watching with Mrs. Landless Gentry, cozy under our new Aran knit throw for years to come.

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