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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Harris Tweed Wash Bag by British Bag Company

Anyone who has spent for than a few moments persuing this blog will know that I'm a bit tweed obsessed - OK, perhaps 'addicted' is closer to the mark.  Having given my old, but in very good nick, Jansport toiletry bag to my son on our visit to see him in New York City last summer has left a wash bag shape hole in my luggage collection, leaving me using a zip-loc freezer bag (oh, the horror!).  shopping online, I found wash/toiletry bags in just about every shape and size.  Made from materials ranging from Nylon (yuk) to leather, canvas and leather, waxed canvas and even a couple of sexy ones from LVT and Hermes ($$ Cha Ching$$).  But being tweed enamored as I am I kept hoping for a really nice Tweed (especially Harris Tweed) and leather bag that I could call my own.  Then along comes this beige and blue herringbone little number from the good people of British Bag Company and I was hooked.  It's such a looking I just couldn't resist and it was in such a great colour/pattern of Harris Tweed, how could I?  Fair disclosure, the leather is faux leather not genuine, which at first was going to be a deal breaker, because I gave up fake leather years ago,  but then I thought, given the wet conditions that this back (especially the bottom and back) were likely to face in bathrooms from here to who knows where (often water soaked counter tops, etc.) that faux leather will most likely offer a great advantage in terms of waterproofness and durability (just towel dry and back in the luggage it goes).  Certainly, the idea of putting a tweed bottomed bag on a wet countertop is rather a bad idea.  So, it seems the good people at the British Bag Company are also quite smart!  Having received the bag, I agree also that these new faux leathers have a very good feel (nothing like the leatherette of old, I can assure).

Arriving in a gift worthy British Bags Company presentation box, was also much more than I expected.

Lined with matching brown easy clean canvas, it's got one large compartment and a side zippered pocket for smaller items.  My old Jansport bag had a compartment in netted pockets galore and even a hanger hook, so let's see how this more basic design and I get along. But for sheer esthetical ..that tweed!

This weave has been named 'Carloway' and is described as 'incorporating tans and browns with a hint of blue' and it's an absolute beauty.  they make this basic style bag from a number of different weaves all of them lovely, but this particular pattern/colour weave I've not seen before (I would love to have a jacket made from this)

The close-ups: 
Provided for my own enjoyment and for that of my tweed obsessed brethren: 'Carloway' Herringbone Tweed in Browns and Beiges with Blue, Rust and Gold overcheck (I love this weave):

This bag seems to have build built to last (only time will tell). Approximately 31cm x 20cm x 10cm,  I had thought initially of buying a bag with a more square profile bag shape, but it seems to me that this flatter envelope shape would fit better in my holdall.  I'm looking forward to my next traveling adventure with my new Harris Tweed wash bag and expect to have many adventures together for many years!

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