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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Just Arrived - John Partridge Shooter Jacket

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Hello Tweed lovers!  This my first product review of what I hope to be many to come. I was very excited to receive 2 coats from the good people of John Partridge Co. Ltd. this past week and the need to review these was the final catalyst for my starting this blog!!  You may be saying to yourself  'This must be some jacket to have kicked me out of my lethargy' and you would be entirely correct.  This jacket is a real beauty and the build quality is top notch, base upon my consistent wear over the past several days of inclement Bavarian Winter weather - this coat is definitely what I would describe as built for the long haul.

Based in Staffordshire, England, John Partridge Co. Ltd. has been in business for a fair long while making great outdoor (what the Brits call 'Country Clothing) wear.  This item is what is technically called their 'Mens Shooting Jacket -Lowland -Hybrid - Brown', which I think is straightforward enough, but hardly gives this beautiful Tweed shooter it's just due.  The Tweed is a wonderfully English milled 'Glen check' brown tweed wool with just a bit of polyester added for extra durability (this jacket is also offered in 3 other Tweeds and cotton as well).  Having a taped waterproof breathable membrane between the outer and the lining will guarantee I'll stay dry no matter what mother nature decides to throw my way.

Big bellows pockets to hold your shotgun shells (or my mobile phone;-)

The pock flaps can even be held open with a snap tab to help with those fast re-loads

Weatherproof inner cuff

As a classic English shooter jacket, it comes loaded with all the great features that anyone would want for a day on the hunt including:
  • Action back - for better range of motion through the shoulders
  • Two-way front zip- better for driving
  • Two-way storm flaps- to keep out horizontal rain
  • Half adjusters across the back-keeps me looking slim
  • Two outside pockets with matte brass studs
  • Two hand warmers
  • Stand up collar lined with faux suede
  • Knitted inner cuff
If even comes with a Partridge 'on the wing' pin for inspiration:

Side tabs offer a bit more tailored look

'Action back' pleats for better range of movement 
All in all, I'm looking to be very cozy warm this Winter and for many, many Winters to come.   I couldn't be more chuffed with the jacket.  I think this is my first product review,  I've hit the jackpot!

PS: the Close-ups:
I have taken to presenting photo studies of the tweed I feature here on The Landless Gentry for my own enjoyment and for that of my tweed obsessed brethren.  Please also notice the beautifully finish 'John Partridge Co. snaps heads used throughout this jacket - another sure sign of quality because it speaks to the level of detail and thought that goes into every John Partridge product:

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