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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Firehouse (Wacky) Tacky Mustache Wax - It's the Shit!!

Just a quick post to share with you my experience with my latest mustache wax from Firehouse.  This stuff is excellent and very firm holding.  I found them via a Reddit forum chain while shopping for a wax that would last more than a few hours.  Reading raves about Firehouse brand, I ordered straight away.  Within about a week, I had received my new wacky 'Tacky' mustache wax all the way from Flora, Missippi!  Made in small batches by an actual Fireman, this stuff is hand blended and poured is loving care, by a man clearly determined to keep upper lips tidy worldwide.

John - un-reformed:

Just a little dap will do you as they used to say: 

As the title indicates, this stuff is the 'shit'.  I've tried a couple brands of mustache wax over the past couple of years and that always had to re-apply 2 or 3 times per day and even then by lip weasel refused all taming.  Not with the Firehouse 'Tacky' - just a bit will keep my stache tamed for the day with perhaps a minor re-application after eating, which is expected since I'm heavy with the serviette, for fear of wearing more food in the upper lip that makes it into my mouth and also tend to give a splash with fresh water after meals to keep things fresh.

John fully tamed (upper lips at least):

Yes, in the can this stuff is dark, but it goes no with no discernible color change and has a wonderful smell of beeswax and wood smoke that is just wonderful.  The product is a Landless Gentry recommended product.  If you are looking for a firm holding Mustache wax to tame your fury lip dubby, you won't find better than those from Firehouse. 

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