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Monday, November 23, 2020

CHEANEY Garforth EF Chukka Boot in Dark Sage (Khaki) Calf Suede


These lovely boots from Joseph Cheaney & Sons are I have owned for 2-3 months now and have had them increasingly be my 'go-to' casual boot in my fall rotation.  I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase, doubly so since I got them from the 'Outlet' section of their website at a price that for the quality of Cheaney shoes/boots is, if not a steal, certainly a very handsome bargain.. a 'Schn├Ąppchen' as we say in Germany (this section is really worth checking out for great Cheaney shoes and great deals).  I am happy to report that in due course, I purchase 2 other pairs of here as well, which I hope to feature soon.

In the meantime, these beautiful CHEANEY Garforth EF Chukka Boot in Dark Sage (Khaki) Calf Suede are just killer with suede leather uppers from famous British tannery CF Stead - super comfortable with a buttery soft calfskin lining leather (seriously, you won't believe how soft the linings are - I can feel the luxury even while wearing thick wool socks - I'm not even kidding).  They arrived with lovely soles stained a rich dark brown with the Cheaney logo stamped into them.  I wore them for a few days, but after a day walking in rough pathways in the local city park, determined that caution was the better part of valor and had them capped with some slip-proof sole protectors by my local cobbler.  Now I can were them on all surfaces and in just about all weathers without fear (this is very handy in our climate).  

The Unboxing:

From a fine shoe maker, the unboxing is always a momentous occasion and this is certainly so with Joseph Cheaney & Sons: 

Any way lovely boots, just lovely and I'm looking forward to getting decades of great wear from them. 


Friday, September 25, 2020

Harris Tweed Jacket by Barutti in the house!

Harris Tweed by Barutti - Prince of Wales check

Harris Tweed by Barutti - Prince of Wales check

Anyone who has sent any time on this blog will know of my love of tweed in general and my love of Harris Tweed in particular.  Have I got a beauty for my fellow tweed lovers today!   It's a wonderful check Harris Tweed jacket made by Barutti and from a tweed especially woven for them consisting of a light Price of Wales check with prominent colors of brown, black, beige, rust, and even a subtle olive green mixed in for good measure. Like many of my Tween jackets, I picked this one up on Ebay.co.uk. (if you are interested in reading my guide on buying used jackets on eBay, please follow the link here: Landless Gentry's guide to buying online).

Harris Tweed by Barutti - Prince of Wales check - Suede elbow patch

Harris Tweed label patch woven for Barutti

Harris Tweed by Barutti - Prince of Wales check

The Details:
This jacket has just about all the great features of a classically style British style Harris tweed jacket:

  • Leather buttons
  • Neck latch
  • 2 button front
  • Side vents
  • Double hip, flap pockets
  • Welted breast pocket
  • Suede elbow patches
  • Super custom Harris Tweed lining 

The Lining:
This jacket was made by Barutti and looks to be in total extremely well made and the overall fit.  The dusty rose-colored lining is made from a custom Harris Tweed with a great map of the Outer Hebrides woven into it, which I find fun and charming.  It's in excellent nick and looks new.  As I said, I think this jacket cannot have more than a handful of wears.

Harris Tweed lining

The Weave Close-ups:
Provided for my own enjoyment and for that of my tweed obsessed brethren: The pattern of the tan and brown Prince of Wales check Harris Tweed features a black, brown, tan, rust, and olive green overcheck on an ecru background which I find extremely attractive. This weave has a bit more 'fuzzy texture than my other Harris Tweeds, but I like it!  Of course, the subtly of colors and upon closer inspection, the blend of different colored fibers are nearly infinite, which is the hallmark of Harris Tweed and why I love them so much.  

The Wear:
The wear of this jacket is about perfect for me right out of the box and it's been wonderfully tailored with just about the perfect proportions for me:

Front View Harris Tweed by Barutti - Prince of Wales check

Harris Tweed by Barutti - Prince of Wales check

Harris Tweed by Barutti - Prince of Wales check

Harris Tweed by Barutti - Prince of Wales check

Harris Tweed by Barutti - Prince of Wales check

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Review: Slim Fit Cotton Chinos from Land's End

Chino trousers from Lands' End have become a staple of the American man's wardrobe for a number of decades now.the  Having had a pair of their Tailored fit chinos for a while has convinced me of the quality and know-how of the Lands' End chinos.  The fabric is thick without being stiff, they are water and stain resistance and don't shrink in the dryer.  They come out of the drier without the need of ironing unless you are like me and you prefer your font creases razor sharp.  Always on the lookout for the perfect chino (it has up to now become an unending quest), I think I may have arrived at the holy grail.  These chinos are extremely well made and can be dressed up and worn with a tie and sports jacket for that cool Ivy League look or can be dressed down with a Polo shirt and boat shoes for the weekend. 

High quality and durable brass zippers!

Lands' End offers a myriad of sizing and style options: Classic Fit (full cut, old-school-style chinos), Tailored fit (still a bit fuller than I prefer but tapering nicely to the hem) and Slim fit (narrowing quite a bit to the knee).  I like my chinos to be closer-fitting and with a narrower than normal leg opening, which these trousers deliver in spades (if you have large claves, this cut will not be for you - I have stick legs, so to me they are perfect)

The thing that I love about the Land's End chino sizing it that they are available in odd waist size, so you can order to exactly fit your waist (mine is Waist: 35 inches, Length: 33.25 inches) and you can order cuffed or uncuffed to your exact length preference to the 1/4 inch which I love.  I order mine cuffed, as I wanted a bit more of a dressy look. 

 I like the attention to details: light buttons for the light khaki and darker buttons for the Balsom Bark:

The Colors:
I purchased traditional Khaki (the lighter color shown in these photos) and Balsom Bark (the darker bronze Khaki color).  Both colors are excellent and fit in perfectly with my wardrobe.  I expect that I will also be ordering Stone (which is more of an off white) and Radiant Navy for summertime.

Solid Construction:
Solid construction means these chinos are built to last.  I purchased these in December and they have each been through a handful of wash cycles and are looking as good as the day they arrived, which I am very pleased about.  I fully expect to get several years of regular and hard wear from them.  One can spend 3 times more for a solid pair of chinos, but personally, I don't see the point, when Lands' End chinos are an option.

The Khaki Chinos:

The Balsom Bark:

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